Rescue Diva sponsoree adopted! Dumped Greek dog Hera finds a home thanks to Graeske Hunde group

Lots of love to give

Lots of love to give

by Hera (with Katerina Lorenzatos Makris) ~

I’ve been ADOPTED!!! Although my foster mommy Lynda Thompson kept promising this day would come, I worried that nobody would ever want me. After my old family dumped me on Lynda here on the Greek island of Kefalonia, she took super good care of me, but the months of waiting kept ticking by.

Then Lynda asked for help, and they covered my expenses at the vet and groomer to get me ready for adoption.

Rescue Diva asked re-homing group Graeske Hunde to find me a great home, and they started hunting all across Denmark looking for just the right family for me. Next a nice guy named Stuart Makris from America came to take some cute photos of me and my foster buddies Phoebe and Aero here at Lynda’s house, so that people could see how gorgeous we all are. And then… wow!… things really started happening!

Thanks to re-homing lady Ingrid Kramer and a donation from Rescue Diva, my foster sis Phoebe is in Germany with her new foster mom waiting for a forever home, and my foster bro Aero is getting some attention from possible adopters through Graeske Hunde,  and… pretty soon… he and I will be heading for Denmark. YAYYYY!!!!

My foster buddy Phoebe was partly sponsored by Spicy Stories Save Lives. She is in a new foster home in Germany now, looking for her forever home.

My foster buddy Phoebe was partly sponsored by She is in a new foster home in Germany now, looking for her forever home.

We’ll keep you posted with more news, OK? Meanwhile thank you foster mommy Lynda for never giving up on me, and to everybody who helped make this happen by supporting and Graeske Hunde!!

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Katerina Lorenzatos Makris, a career news reporter and fiction author, is’s founder and editor. Her fiction includes 17 novels for Simon and Schuster, E.P. Dutton, Avon, and other major publishers (under the name Kathryn Makris), as well as a teleplay for CBS-TV, and a short story for The Bark magazine. She has written hundreds of articles for regional wire services and for outlets such as National Geographic Traveler, The San Francisco Chronicle, Travelers’ Tales, NBC’s,,, and (Animal Policy Examiner).

Together with coauthor Shelley Frost, Katerina wrote a step-by-step guide for hands-on, in-the-trenches dog rescue, Your Adopted Dog: Everything You Need to Know About Rescuing and Caring for a Best Friend in Need (The Lyons Press).




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