‘Bow-Wows of Holly’: Noisy old beagle guides a young recovering addict to second chances and true love


by Katerina Lorenzatos Makris ~

Everyone deserves a second chance, don’t they? But in Rescue Diva’s short fiction story “Bow-Wows of Holly,24-year-old Mickey has already blown through too many of those during her years as an alcoholic, and might not get another if she messes up on her new job at the animal shelter. So she’s trying to do everything by the book.

But then in walks a terrified little beagle who leads her to a man like no other she’s ever met, and who turns her life around in a heartbeat.

ALL PROFITS from sales of “Bow-Wows of Holly” go to the animal rescue groups listed below!

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Here’s more about the story…

After an old, scared, and noisy beagle gets dumped at the pound, she helps turn around life, love, and the holidays for shelter employee Mickey, a young recovering alcoholic who is struggling to get on her feet, and for Kyle, the guy who falls for both of them.

Try a taste of “Bow-Wows of Holly”:

How could anyone be so heartless as to dump a dog, much less dump an old one, and dump her on Christmas Eve?

Mickey stared at the middle-aged woman holding the leash of a wide-eyed, white-muzzled beagle trembling at her feet. She had to bite her tongue so as not to give the high-heeled and big-haired woman a chunk of her mind.

Reason for surrender?” Mickey asked in as neutral a tone as she could manage. That was the polite word for it—not “dump,” but “surrender,” they were supposed to say. Shelter employees had to stick to the standard questions.

On probation for DUI and recently out of rehab, Mickey had been lucky to get this job, and today was only her second day on it, so she had better follow the rules. No way could she afford to blow this one chance she’d finally been given…

And here’s another taste:

She shook the hand that Kyle held out to her. It was deliciously warm. Like his brown eyes. And his dimpled grin. She also liked the unshaven stubble on his square chin and cheeks, and the unruly brown curls that tumbled over his ears and forehead. She couldn’t stand clean-cut guys; they made her nervous. Last but not least, she couldn’t help but notice the soft, gentle way his strong-looking hands pet Holly.

Mickey turned her eyes away, afraid that Kyle would see in them what she was thinking. How would it feel to have those hands on me?

ALL PROFITS from sales of “Bow-Wows of Holly” will go to the following nonprofit animal rescue groups!

Achaic Society for the Care of Animals

Beagle Freedom Project

Graeske Hunde

Kefalonia Animal Trust

Praying for Paws, Inc.

Vizsla Club of Northern California

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