‘Unchain My Heart’: Freeing a chained dog leads to love in new fiction from Rescue Diva

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by Katerina Lorenzatos Makris ~

Ever seen a chained-up dog and wished you could free him? In Unchain My Heart, a brand-new romantic fiction story from RescueDiva.com, one animal rescuer faces the same dilemma.

When Lydia finds a sweet dog chained to a rusty barrel, she struggles to figure out what to do. She also wrestles with the emotional chains that keep her from giving her heart to a man—even the bossy but intriguing man who tempts her more than anyone ever before.

Sweet chained dog on Greek island of Nisyros was one of the inspirations for "Unchain My Heart."

Sweet chained dog on Greek island of Nisyros was one of the inspirations for “Unchain My Heart.”

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Here’s more about the story…

Lydia did not do well with authority. Not anymore. She used to be such a well-behaved girl. Never strayed from paths, never pushed envelopes, never colored outside the lines. But ten years of Jake had changed all that. After a decade as the wife of a man who demanded to approve exactly what she did, where she went, and whom she saw in each moment of every hour, her obedient days were over.

Now, for the first time in her thirty-two years of life, there was no one to stop her from doing anything she pleased, including traveling to a Greek island to rescue animals, and even to bending the law if need be.

But not half an hour after she stepped off the plane, she ran into yet another man who wanted to give her orders. And this one, she soon realized, might turn out to be someone who couldn’t be ignored…

Try a taste of ‘Unchain My Heart’…

The rusty barrel provided the dog a bit more comfort, now that Lydia had padded it with blankets, but still it offered him almost no reprieve from the wind, nor from the snow or from rain. Those blankets were bound to get soaked in the coming wintry days, and then what use would they be?

She made up her mind. For better or for worse. It was simply what she had to do.

Come here,” she said to the big red dog.

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Somehow he understood. He crawled out of the barrel. He stood perfectly still while she fumbled at the big metal clasp that bound the chain to his collar. Her fingers were so cold that they barely worked. But that only made her more determined…

STORY LENGTH:  Approximately 33 pages

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About the author…

Katerina Lorenzatos Makris is a career journalist, author, and editor. Her fiction includes 17 novels for Simon and Schuster, E.P. Dutton, Avon, and other major publishers (under the name Kathryn Makris), as well as a teleplay for CBS-TV, and a short story for The Bark magazine. She has written hundreds of articles for regional wire services and for outlets such as National Geographic Traveler, The San Francisco Chronicle, Travelers’ Tales, NBC’s Petside.com, Animal Issues Reporter.com, and Examiner.com (Animal Policy Examiner).

Together with coauthor Shelley Frost, Katerina wrote a step-by-step guide for hands-on, in-the-trenches dog rescue, Your Adopted Dog: Everything You Need to Know About Rescuing and Caring for a Best Friend in Need (The Lyons Press).



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