Brave animal rescuer prepares for trip home after long ordeal

Robin tries Tiger in his new kitty carrier for the plane trip home.

by Katerina Lorenzatos Makris / Rescue Diva ~

Robin bravely intervened when Chance's former owner beat him.

Robin bravely intervened when Chance’s former owner beat him.

Robin, an excellent pet mommy, tested Tiger out in his brand new kitty carrier today. On Thursday, knock wood, the two of them will finally fly back to their hometown after a long, perilous odyssey.

Five months ago a predatory guy lured Robin away from her home. Though bright and perceptive in many ways, Robin has cognitive delays that sometimes make her too trusting and vulnerable to exploitation. She ended up lost and exhausted hundreds of miles away on the streets of San Diego county with her kitty Tiger and with Chance the dog, whom she had bravely rescued from the guy’s beatings.

We here at Rescue are grateful that on the chilly night before Thanksgiving, we had the good luck of serendipitously meeting these three beautiful new friends in a local park where they were preparing to sleep on the damp grass. But we’re even more delighted that because of sponsorship from Rescue Diva, their ordeal is over, and that their odyssey will soon take Robin and Tiger home.

Robin has kept her motel room tidily organized, and already has her belongings packed and ready to transfer to the new duffel bag we got tonight.

Robin has kept her motel room tidily organized, and already has her belongings packed and ready to transfer to the new duffel bag we got tonight.

Jumping up and down

Nobody’s happier about the upcoming homeward journey than Robin herself. This infectiously optimistic gal literally has been jumping up and down with joy. Next time somebody tells you that all homeless people want to be on the streets, umm, well… please ask them to talk to us, OK? Robin’s plight opened our eyes to some sad and alarming realities.

Soon we’ll report on Robin’s trip home.

Meanwhile we’re also working on finding a forever home for sweet pooch Chance, so please stay tuned for more info on him.

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