Lost, disabled rescuer and her beloved kitty finally make it home

Robin and kitty Tiger at San Diego airport

by Katerina Lorenzatos Makris / Rescue Diva ~

Before the journey, Rescue Diva sponsored a checkup and vaccination update for Tiger at Mission Animal and Bird Hospital.

After their long and terrible ordeal, sweet Robin and her beloved kitty Tiger are back in their hometown and in their own apartment.

Relief! Can barely believe it. Planning a NASA space mission must be more complicated than getting things sorted out for Robin, Tiger, and Chance the dog, but maybe not by much. Whew!

Abuser’s prey

The hardest part of preparations for the trip was to make sure that Robin would have a “soft landing” when she returned to her hometown. She had been missing for five months, living on the streets.

It was nice to see Robin pushing a shopping cart for purchases in a store, instead of the one that contained all her belongings while she lived on the streets.

Developmentally disabled, this kind-hearted, trusting woman had fallen prey to an abusive, exploitative guy who lured her away from her home and support network in a small northern California town, and brought her all the way to southern California on foot. The story sounds incredible, but it has been corroborated by people who saw them walking along the highway.

After the abuser got arrested in San Diego for his drunken violence, Robin ended up alone, still homeless, struggling to survive while caring for the cat and dog.

Thanksgiving Eve rescue

Rescue Diva first saw Robin on Thanksgiving Eve while walking our own dogs.  In a local park, she was trying to find a warm, dry place to sleep with Tiger and Chance. Not easy in the chilly, damp November weather. Nor did it help to have the police telling her she had to leave, yet offering no alternatives.

We couldn’t walk away from such a heartbreaking situation, so Rescue Diva and intrepid hubsy checked the little trio into a local motel where they could stay safe and warm while we figured out the next steps.

The preparations

In between errands, Robin and Rescue Diva enjoyed lunch at Veggie Grill.

To get Robin totally back on track, Rescue Diva needed to determine if she still had her apartment in her hometown and if the bills had been paid. Then a whole slew of additional questions. Who would help Robin make a change of planes at the San Francisco airport? Who would meet her at her hometown’s airport? How could we get her plugged back into the social services network in her home county? About twenty thousand more details needed to be organized.

In the days preceding the trip, we also needed to get her pooch Chance and kitty Tiger to the vet for checkups and any medical care they might need.

Then there were shopping expeditions to local stores for an airline-approved carrying bag for Tiger, and some toiletries and a few new clothes for Robin.

Between all the errands we took a break for a tasty lunch at Veggie Grill in Carlsbad, California.

Robin makes friends wherever she goes, including this nice agent at the San Diego airport United Airlines ticket counter.

3…2…1… Liftoff!

Departing from the San Diego airport, Robin and Tiger were enormously excited to finally head home after their five-month ordeal.

This has been a challenging and extra costly rescue mission for Rescue Diva, but we are CRAZY HAPPY that Robin and Tiger again have the safety and comfort they deserve.

Meanwhile Rescue Diva is also sponsoring and fostering Chance, the sweet pooch who Robin bravely rescued from the predatory guy’s beatings. Please take a peek at Chance’s story and SHARE.  He is busily searching for a fabulous foster or forever home!

We have tons of people to thank for their help with this difficult triple rescue, and we’ll get to everyone soon, but for now Rescue Diva sends big hugs to friend Stacie Jo Enriquez for donating her entire afternoon and hours of driving to schlepp to the San Francisco airport so as to help Robin with her change of planes there last week. Many thanks also go to Laurie Parr Thomas and Alex Dominguez for waiting in the wings, so to speak, to provide backup on that airport mission.

At the vet’s office and everywhere else, Robin showered Chance with love and reassurance.

And thanks to the many great folks who shared our Facebook request for help with finding someone to go on that airport mission. Hey, it worked!

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