Vet hospital helps with costs of rescuing battered dog

When Chance lived on the streets, his drunken ex-owner punched him in the face and broke his tooth. Dr. Wang did a great job of removing it while Chance was under anesthesia for neutering.

by Katerina Lorenzatos Makris / Rescue Diva ~

Many thanks to Surfside Animal Hospital who kindly gave Rescue Diva a discount for our foster boy Chance’s surgeries. This really helped because helping Chance, kitty Tiger, and their rescue mom Robin has been quite complicated and costly. Thank you Dr. Wang, Lisa, and the rest of the great Surfside crew!

Robin took excellent care of Chance and kitty Tiger, even while she was homeless.

Chance sailed through the procedures last week, getting neutered plus having a tooth extracted. According to his rescue mommy Robin, the tooth got broken by his previous owner, who sometimes got drunk, punched his dog in the face, and kicked him in the ribs. If Robin hadn’t bravely intervened, who knows what would have been broken next?

Robin, who is developmentally disabled, found herself homeless, but valiantly and beautifully protected and cared for Chance and kitty Tiger even while living out of a shopping cart on the streets of San Diego county.

Now Robin and Tiger are back safe and sound in their apartment in their northern California hometown, and Chance is taking steps toward his own bright future too.

Please take a peek at Chance’s story and SHARE. He is busily searching for a fabulous foster or forever home!

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